Monday, December 18, 2006

T-Shirt Contest Entries

Hello everyone, and thanks for your entries.

I have received a total of 36 entries for the contest. I'd like to remind everyone that comedy and design are subjective, and ask that people only make positive comments or constructive criticisms.

There are a few things to know about the the way I am hosting the entries:
1. I am hosting this on a free web account, so there are ads - most of the time they are not visible, but sometimes they popup in front - in that case just hit your refresh/reload button.
2. I wrote the photo album viewer myself and its not that polished.
3. the little numbered buttons in the upper right resize the thumbnails dynamically.
4. click on an image to load its higher res version, when it turns green you can click it again to see a larger popup display.
5. if you hover over a thumbnail, you will see its # and credits
6. the images sometimes size strangely wide as their heights are held consistent.

Please vote by posting a comment in the format:

My Votes:
1. #
2. #
3. #

Where obviously the number sign is replaced with the actual number. You don't have to place votes for 3, and feel free to elaborate, for example "I like # but I think the slogan should be ..."

I will compile the results manually. And potentially make the call based on my own preference - hopefully there is a clear winner.

Finally, find the entries here.

Also, I'll be happy to take late entries, just realize they won't get as much visibility.


Jason said...

Ok, here are my votes

1. 005
2. 032
3. 021

Jeremy said...

Can I vote for my own? :-)

1. 006
2. 007

And if I had to vote for someone else's, I would say:

3. 005

I don't know all the in's and out's of trademark laws, but you may want to research it before having the shirts produced!

George Vaccaro said...


lol - of course. I would think that the idea would be to finally see everyone's ideas, and choose the ones you like best - including your own if that's the case.


yonnermark said...


D said...


Check the verizonmath gmail. I submitted a late entry.

DHofmann said...

Since we're numbering our choices, does that mean the winner be decided by IRV?

Here are my votes:
1. 037
2. 008
3. 027

Borat said...

1. 027
2. 005
3. 024

D said...

1. 005
2. 027
3. 037

Nikki said...

My Votes:

1. 027 (by far the best)
2. 006
3. 008

jct04 said...

1. 022

Timotheus said...

1. 002
2. 013
3. 012

Bennett said...

1. 025
2. 027
3. 006

George Vaccaro said...


Please re-check the entries again if you have already voted. I posted some late breaking ones, and I actually managed to somehow miss the last 7 (040-046) on my initial round.

If you'd like to revise your vote, just delete your previous post and repost.


j.grigsby said...

1. 027
2. 022
3. 016

DeeLoaf said...

1) 027 (front and back, incporporates the Verizon logo, simple, and directly to the point!)

2) 011
3) 006

DeeLoaf said...

I almost wish I'd entered ;)

George Vaccaro said...

@deeloaf - consider yourself entered - its posted.

Mr. Krinkle said...


whatever we do it sohuld make direct reference to verizon, not just the .002 thing.

c n said...

1. 027
2. 011
3. 020

Ryan said...

1. 027

No contest, it's simple enough to read on a T-shirt and gets the point across. Some of the others are funny, but for the most part they are trying too hard.

Brad said...

Hmm, with 27 you should probably remove the verizon logo part and just type the text verizon. Don't wanna get sued.

Anyway, I selfishly vote for my own: :)


John.W.Scott said...

1. 027
2. 047

thebruce said...

hm. well of course I've got to vote me own :)

1. 032
2. 030
3. 034

I tried to stay away from copied parts of their logo specifically for trademark infringement, yet still incorporate recognizable elements like the red line... and, well, make them more of an inside joke than taking obvious stabs at Verizon :P these are some I'd like to wear, and get people asking questions :)

Weifeng said...

1. 37
2. 26
3. 46

Trist-10 said...

1. 027
2. 005

Mark said...

1. 003
2. 031

RJ said...

Hmm, I admit I did overlook simplicity in considering tshirt design. Oh well, I'm confident I'll make more than just a few laugh with my concepts though.

Buuut I'll decide to be selfish and choose my top three of my works. =P It shouldn't really affect the overall outcome of the all-time favorites anyway.

1. 22
2. 26
3. 23

Angela said...

1 : any of the ones made by "Eric" I think they are 015 - 018. He's got the great idea of changing around the letters in verizon, but he should have left the "N" and gone with the
"revison math" (revising math) ha-ha.


2 : 003 I laughed on the spot with this one, but it needs to be cleaned up a bit.

I don't have a third favorite. I think the rest are too obscure or too in-depth for the average person to get it.

Phil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Phil said...

1) 27
2) 35
3) 34

Beau Henry said...

1. 037
2. XXX Banned design which can be seen being modeled by George himself at

Seriously, my other design was banned because it was too much of the logo (it's question marks which form a division symbol)

I am WAY to into VerizonMath I spent all afternoon pruning

RJ said...

Ok, even though I suck at drawing I thought maybe I could make that fact work for me instead of against me by providing that simplicity eluding me. So even though they're late I sent a couple more.

Scofie said...

1. 013
2. 005
3. 031

My Math said...

Hey George,
I'm sorry to hear what happened to you. (well actually hearing it was funny)
I didn't want to be offended near the end of the conversation when you made a remark about the math educational system. I agree the system is bad (most of my students don't want to learn, they just want a grade - often they don't care if it's a C).
However, I've seen some other comments on your Blog and don't want to misunderstand. I try to teach math like you did (in the call), using intuitive examples, making comparisons, defining the language, etc. (you're a natural). Sometimes, students choose not to learn (like your Verizon pupils).
Yes, we could all use better teachers (we're trying), but we really need more teachable students. Now you know what it feels like to teach people that refuse to think logically.

PS I do have good students, which really make it all worth it. But, my fuzzy feelings aren't going to make America better at math. We need to solve this epidemic.

My Math said...

Sorry to be a space votes:
1. 25
2. 40
3. 14
(so many funny ones, good job all)

George Vaccaro said...

@my math

Thanks for the comments.

I have many friends who are teachers, or involved parents, and they all seem to say the same thing. They say that parents themselves don't stress education enough anymore, and that ultimately is the most significant part of the problem.

thebruce said...

Just because, I've also got t-shirts previews here:

I don't know if that's cheating, but hey it's worth a shot ;)

Craig said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Craig said...

I didn't like any of them so I made my own ... click here.

I vote for it. :) (if anyone wants to alter it feel free)

George Vaccaro said...


very nice! when I get a chance I'll add it in with the rest of the entries.

Tony said...

Had to vote for myself cause i'm that unethical.


Chrystalline said...

I don't have an entry (I'll come up with something later, when it's too late - always seems to work that way), but I also think it's a good idea to avoid blatantly using their trademark. They can sue for that, and most ethical T-shirt printers will refuse to print designs with trademarked content you don't have permission to use. Anyway, my vote goes to:


Bob Carr said...

My votes are
1. 042
2. 032
3. 027

r3m0t said...

3 although I would change the font to a high resolution
47 although it is very busy

Trist-10 said...

I almost forgot to vote for myself :P

so add:
3. 003
to my votes :D

Trist-10 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Trist-10 said...

I figured i'd post a tally of all the current votes. I've included the ones where people have voted for themselves.

000 - 0, 030 - 1
001 - 0, 031 - 2
002 - 1, 032 - 3
003 - 4, 033 - 0
004 - 1, 034 - 1
005 - 7, 035 - 0
006 - 4, 036 - 0
007 - 1, 037 - 3
008 - 2, 038 - 0
009 - 2, 039 - 0
010 - 1, 040 - 0
011 - 3, 041 - 0
012 - 1, 042 - 1
013 - 2, 043 - 0
014 - 0, 044 - 0
015 - 1, 045 - 0
016 - 2, 046 - 0
017 - 1, 047 - 1
018 - 1, 048 - 0
019 - 0, 049 - 0
020 - 1, 050 - 0
021 - 1, 051 - 0
022 - 2, 052 - 0
023 - 0, 053 - 0
024 - 1, 054 - 0
025 - 1, 055 - 0
026 - 14, 056 - 0
027 - 1
028 - 0
029 - 0

George Vaccaro said...


I'm not positive but I think your counts are wrong - namely 026 with 14 votes. Also fyi, I have received votes by email which you dont have access to.

Trist-10 said...

Sorry if my counts are a bit off. I got a rep at Verizon to calculate em for me :P

Brian said...

My Votes:
1. #5
2. #5
3. #5

Some others are good but I like #5 the best by far and it's the only one I'd buy.

Dmitri said...

1. 013
2. 005
3. 027

JSP0421 said...

1. 055
2. 051
3. 036

Craig said...

Oops, my link doesn't work anymore. Here is a different one, though I guess my odds of winning the big prize aren't too great at this point. =/

George Vaccaro said...


great entry - sorry it took so long to post - most of the others came through email so I got to them more quickly. Nice job though - very unique!

My Math said...

Oh, wait, can I change my vote? These new ones are great! Put me down for:
1. 57 (although it's similar to 27, I can barely make out the words) *plus it seems safe
2. 51 (it's like mine, but I can't vote for myself)
3. 25

Mr. Krinkle said...

I completely disagree with Chrystalline. Whichever one we pick should have the verizon logo. Otherwise its just a shirt that talks about .002 and doesn't do any damage to verizon at all. Big deal. I wouldn't buy.

And speaking of reputation, verizon's not going to sue. Don't be a fearful feather. Can you imagine the added publicity damage if verizon sues?? The story would make the NYT- verizon sues man after doing bad math.

Anonymous said...

@Mr. Krinkle

Do you understand the penalty for copyright infringement? It's $10,000 per violation (yes, $10,000 for each t-shirt you print).

And yes, large corporations WILL sue for such a violation - it's not something you want to mess with.

Tanya said...


Legion said...

My (late) votes:
1. 033 (I know it doesn't actually have anything to do with Verizon, nor with $0.2¢, but it made me happy inside.
2. 002 (I like it, but it may cost more to print, what with the colour and all).
3. 020 (I enjoy how this one deftly sidesteps the entire copyright issue. I agree that the winning shirt should not have Verizon on it, and especially not their logo. It's easy money for them if they sue, and it's pointless - those who are curious enough to read shirts will probably ask about said shirt anyway.)

Hope it isn't too late to have a my vote heard.

Trent said...

Dang! I just saw the number 57. I would have given that one #1 if it were there earlier.

Jeff said...

My late votes:

1. 005
2. 005
3. 005

I would buy if the shirt color was black.