Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Preliminary T-Shirt Contest Results

Thanks to all who submitted designs and voted. There are a bunch of great designs, and some good feedback in the comments. Nice work everybody!

OK, to the top 3 in terms of votes:

027: 10, 3, 3
005: 3, 3, 1
037: 4, 0, 1

I have a couple of comments:

1) this is before my vote :)
2) both 027 and 037 use the Verizon logo sans the "V" swooshy thing.
3) 027 as it stands is a 2 sided design - which drives the cost up - unless we move the back design to the front as well.
4) 005 uses a "2" that looks stylistically similar, but is not the same as the verizon "z" - very clever design.
5) I'm disappointed noone liked 020 (it only got 1 #2, and 1 #3) :(

Anyway, I'll accept votes for one more day, and take them into consideration as well.

That said, I'd like people to think about the fact that IMO (based on speaking with lawyers late monday) we cannot use designs 027 or 037 as they stand because the verizon logo is pretty much intact. Perhaps modifications of those can be produced. I think 005 is safe as it does not even contain the name verizon.

I would like to remind everyone of rule #2: "must not infringe any trademarks." I should have not even allowed these entries, but did thinking that they would inspire other ideas and comments. Also at the time I had not yet consulted lawyers and thought there could be a chance we could safely use them.

I'd like to hear all your thoughts in light of this information.

Thanks very much! I can't wait to get the final product...


Trist-10 said...

I like 005 for the fact it's simple, stylish, and doesn't infringe on any trademarks. I also think it would sell far better then any of the other designs.

Tony said...


Problem resolved ;)

Matt said...

I personally like 027 the best. I think it would look great to have both parts on the back of the shirt, with the $.002 = .002c on top. To avoid legality issues, I'd suggest just removing "VerizonMath" all together and either having a complete red frame around the equation, or take away the frame.
This would still make for a great shirt, because those that are familiar with the situation will know exactly what it is about, and those that are not will most likely ask about it.

ambersdad said...

1. 47
2. 37
3. 20

George, there are a lot of good ideas here. How about taking the top two or three and work just with them to reduce the scope and possibly incorporate other ideas? I also think you vote should count for about half.

thebruce said...

yeah I kept my ideas pretty light on the ripping into Verizon, and more about the joke at hand itself... the latter avoids trademark issues, and is still humorous and wearable... IMO, of course ;)
I'd love to see a full listing of votes and whatnot.

Dwayne said...

1. 020 I picked before reading your comment.
Then 22-26 are all gold. Classics, but much more expensive with colors. The math test one is priceless.

John.W.Scott said...

Possible slogan for Verizon Wireless (against background of a multitude of people)?

It's the Network...

...surely we have someone who can do 4th grade math; we're still looking.

RJ said...

Regarding the presence of trademarks and verizon's name being in some pics, I suggest people to look at them as if they weren't there. If the design is still good enough for your vote without those then why not vote for those still. Afterwards, if any of those earn a spot then we can just have the trademarks and name removed. That should still give them a fair fighting chance as opposed to having so many disregard them immediately just on those grounds. They already lose points to the pics which creatively imply and disguise verizon's identity anyway.