Saturday, December 9, 2006

Davman's remix

Wow, I just got a huge laugh from the "Latest" remix of my verizon call.

Nice job sir! Thank you very much! Love the ending, and the "Are you sure?" response to the "I'm not a mathemetician" comment.


Anyone want to do a techno/house remix? I was thinking you could use the many samples of "point" and "zero" as percussion.


Davman said...

I was considering a techno remix, but I don't think I'm skilled enough for it.

Adam said...

Here's some useful information. Verizon call reps are probably paid somewhere around $8 an hour, and to get hired all they have to do is pass a basic skills test. You will get nowhere with them, or emailling the link on the website that you were told to do (I'd be suprized if they even check the email you send).

This page lists the verizon corporate officers, and putting the chairman's name into google I came up with a mailling address for him at which is

Ivan G. Seidenberg
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Verizon Communications Inc.
140 West Street
Floor 29
New York, NY 10007

so try mailling him a letter. maybe even all the board members use that same address, send it to all of them, or google search for their address maybe?

also there is the verizon foundation and they have emails on the page for the members, some of them are bound to be high up people (higher then the call reps) so try contacting them to get somewhere, maybe they can point you to higher ups to talk to, the page is

what about an ethics complaint for misrepresenting the billing charges?

as a last resort, you can sue verizon

Adam said...

oops, I goofed on the last link,

as a last resort, you can sue verizon

georgevaccaro said...

Adam, thanks for the info. I actually already emailed to execs for verizon west - we'll see if they respond.

If I don't get anywhere I'll try your CEO link.


JT said...

I actually transcribed the entire recording for some reason. Still cleaning it up, but if you want it, George, I'll send it to you. Email me at jwtasgg (at) gmail.
I really hope nobody else has already done this.

N said...

You have to ask the right question to get the answer you want. In order to do that you have to get the "cent VS dollar" thing out of their mind. Ask the question like this; "If cents are pennies, how many pennies would I owe at .002 pennies per KB?" Answer; pennies.

Hua said...

You really can't use normal math logic with those guys. I originally thought I could, before listening to the phone record.

Steve said...

That was a solid remix.

I'm reminded of the time I went to court to fight a speeding ticket. I proved that it was physically impossible for the officer to have caught me travelling at the speed he indicated in the scenario he had portrayed before the court. I had satellite photos, measurements, and math on my side. I even had the cop admitting that I was right.

The judge didn't get the math, and I didn't get out of the ticket. He apparently thought that my conversion from miles to feet (5280 feet/mile) was "too much supposition" for him.

Gabe Johnson said...

After all the obvious reactions to listening to this conversation, I said to my friend, "I am totally going to remix this into a techno song."

Then I find that meme is already out there. So I suppose making a techno remix is now an obvious reaction to absurdity.

Thanks for doing this, George. You're something like a hero.

mario said...

I think the remix misses some of the most succulent bits from the conversations. Can't give it a pass for that reason.

Ted said...

somebody needs to create a sound board...

Davman said...

If you want to point out which bits you think are specifically missing, I can mix it again with them added.

Eat_My_Shortz said...

"Verizon call reps are probably paid somewhere around $8 an hour, and to get hired all they have to do is pass a basic skills test."

So, how do you explain these guys getting hired?

Minna said...

a little of my faith in humanity has been lost.


good luck with getting that rubbish sorted out :C