Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Remix Contest Entries

I extended the deadline for the remix contest because I was alerted that it was too much to ask for a remix in such a short timeframe, but then the guy who made that comment was just doing a drive by and never returned. The good news is we managed to get 1 more remix from the friendly folks over at

So here are the, count 'em, 2 remix entries, and the first one is an old favorite:

1. Davman's Verizon-Cant-Do-Math-Money-Remix
Note: Dave made this baby in a tiny timeframe and IMO did a great job.

2. Beau and Brett's March of the Super Dumb Parrots Mix
Note: There are a few parts in this remix where it sounds like an echo - I've been informed this is actually created using unique samples from the original call - thats a lot of "point zero zero twos!"

Please check them out and submit your votes and comments.

Thanks guys! Nice work!


Mike said...

you are seriously trying to make money off of being an asshole?

you should treat people with more respect instead of being a complete snob. you knew that it was a mistake and instead of explaining it that way, you were belittling the people that you spoke to. its quite obvious that data roaming in canada is going to be MORE expensive then it is in the usa. usa= .015 kb canada=.2 kb. it was the people who wrote the wording on the policy that screwed up, but you make fun of the people who have to deal with assholes like you all day.

if you can afford a pda and data plan, then do you really need to be bitching about $75 for a premium service that YOU USED.

i really hope you can read this.. although it might be hard, with your head up your ass.

George Vaccaro said...


you obviously didn't read enough to understand the whole situation. You also got the actual data rates wrong. Its $.015 in the states (pay as you go) and $.002 in canada (for people with the unlimited plan like me).

Think about it - does $6 seem like a reasonable rate to download 1 song, or is $.06 more like it? That's why I assumed they were giving me a good rate in Canada (since I am already paying them for unlimited in the states) - I couldn't fathom paying $2/meg.

If you listened to the recording you would see exaclty what the problem was - they continually quoted a rate that is 100 times less than what they charge - the rate they quote is reasonable, the rate they charge is not.

You would also have realize that if they quoted the correct (exorbitant) rate, I would not have used the service - so why should I pay for their mistake? Would you if this happened to you?

Finally, the recording started with the 3rd person I spoke with at verizon trying to get this resolved - so if I seemed a bit impatient, remind yourself that I had already been through this with 2 other reps.

I'll leave your comment for everyone to read, because you obviously are the one with your head up your ass, I hope you get fully recognized for it. BTW, I copied it too, so if you delete it I'll just post it again for you - you're welcome.

Thanks for the comment.

George Vaccaro said...


One more thing, if you added HBO to your cable, because the rep told you that it would cost $1, then you watched it for a month and got a bill for $100 - I assume you'd pay it right? Because you can afford cable, so why "bitch" - right?

Can you hear me now?

Legion said...

Mike, I would suggest you read at least some of the background before you start being offensive. Yes, George does sound rather impatient in the remixes. However, when you listen to the original recording, you sympathize - I'd be swearing if I had to go through that.
I hope you come back to this site and actually read the background, as well as the comments on you post.

Dubai Vol said...

George, I thought you displayed the patience of Job, and were incredibly nice. I played the call for my wife, an unfailingly-polite English minister's daughter, and she was alternating between laughter and disbelief. She immediately sent the link to her co-worker who manages the help desk for her company, so that he could see how bad things COULD be.

mike, it's clear to me who the asshole is. While you're at it learn to write English. Nothing spoils a good rant faster than making grammatical errors a third grader should not make. Hint: "then" and "than" are not interchangeable words.

George Vaccaro said...

@legion and Dubai Vol

Thanks for the comments!

I noticed his "then-than" exchange but didn't want to add insult to injury :).

Thanks for following along. Its been rare, but it is kind of interesting to consider what kind of person comes to the blog just to say something completely baseless.

In the rare occasions out of the over 1200 comments on this blog, they never come back - perhaps too ashamed to admit their mistake after figuring it out - or too shallow to even dig that deep.

Thanks again for contributing.

RJ said...

I'm guessing it's more probably the second possibility. After all, they displayed the same shallowness already as evidenced by their first posts. =)

Chris said...

The way I look at it, even though you got your refund, you're continuing the fight for us. I, for one, am quite grateful that you are spending your time trying to get the message out and honestly attempting to follow through with making sure Verizon changes their ways.

I don't really mind you making money off of this. In fact, the way I see it, you're just getting paid for the time you've spent. Nothing wrong with that.

RJ said...

Oh yeah, I guess we're supposed to vote huh. Then I choose:

1. 2
2. 1

Too bad I only know graphics and have no experience with audio. With the way things are, anyone could just pitch in an entry and he'd already be assured of at least getting third prize.

George Vaccaro said...


I think you might be getting confused. The contests are separate. So I will give one for the T-Shirt, and one for the Remix. So your design clout could get you a win without having to produce a remix.

Thanks everyone for the supportive comments!

單中杰 said...

I would love to have a remix that's designed to be used as a ringtone. Can that please be part of the remix contest? Thanks!

RJ said...


Yeah, I understood that actually which is why I said that. I meant that since it's pretty clear I won't be winning in the T-shirt category then I wish I had some knowledge in remixing. That's because with the turnout of entries for the remix, I would have at least had an assured spot even if just third place. =P

Trent said...

1. 2
2. 1

Josh C said...


Wow, I just came across your blog and I must say it was wonderful. I had to pick myself up off the ground after laughing. I am studying to be an Electrical Engineer so math is very important to me. It just amazes me how many people out there can't understand something this simple. I think the way you broke it down to them with the car and the 20000 pennies was great. When you get shirts made I would like to be one of the first to get one and I will wear it proudly. I am moving back to the US soon and now that I have seen this I don't believe I will be getting Verizon and I will look more in to any bill I get from now on. Thanks again this is great. Also would you mind if I made a link on my myspace for your blog?

George Vaccaro said...

@josh c

Make sure to check back Tuesday or Wednesday and I should have the link up to the T-Shirts.

Of course you should link if from your blog if you want to - thats what the blogosphere is all about :).

Thanks for the post!