Thursday, May 29, 2008

Where's My iPhone?

Past VerizonMath reader David Gouldin, now fellow dissatisfied wireless customer has written to inform us of a problem he has been having over the past week or so with AT&T. He appears to have ordered a refurbished iPhone with intentions of developing iPhone apps. Unfortunately the package that should have contained his shiny *new* iPhone contained instead a shiny white AT&T bag, a packing slip (referring to the bag) and nothing else.

Check it out over at

Good luck David! Please keep us posted.


David Gouldin said...

I've run into so many brick walls today that I'm surprised to still have a nose. Here's the latest:

joeblogs said...

If you actually had an iPhone or iPod touch lost or stolen you might be able to track it down with this lost or stolen iPhone tracking software called iRedHanded - I'm on the beta and it rocks!

hanna said...

I just came across your site- and this is my first time hearing about the bad math problem. MAD PROPS for having patience to talk to all those people wo losing ur cool, raising your voice.

on the side note-maybe you can help spread the word for those who want to get out of verizon contract for the new iphone- bc i just got my early termination fee credited back :D check out Ely's video here:

Thanks for making me laugh :D

Anonymous said...
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