Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year! + Updates

Happy New Year everyone!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been working on a few things:

1. Peter's situation is still not yet resolved - I find this utterly amazing. Any ideas you might have as to help get this resolved would be much appreciated. Before my issue was "addressed" and I was refunded, many people mentioned sending verizon emails and posting to their feedback and referencing my blog - perhaps others might be motivated to do this specifically using the link to Peter's story here. He mentioned some new audio - I will bring that to you as soon as I get it. Perhaps you could even email Ana Diaz and reference my email to her from 12/12/2006 regarding addressing Peter's quoting/billing issue.

2. Jeremy has generously created some VerizonMath wallpaper which I have posted here - Thanks Jeremy! Warning - LOTS of ads show up on the fortune city site (using a free site to cut costs). Also, I will post any other wallpaper designs anyone might have or want to create.

3. The t-shirts are NOW Available! See the link in the upper right of the blog.

4. If you get a chance, please check out This is Davman's (a winner of the remix contest) new website. He generously donated his prize to

Thanks for your support.


Chris said...

Mirror of wallpaper, without annoying ads: here.

George Vaccaro said...


Thanks for the mirror!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thx a lot!

Tony said...

Awesome, the shirts look great! I sent an e-mail to verizon regarding Peter's situation, we'll have to see what happens. Can't wait to go to the office and see how many I can get people to buy!

Nick said...

Just sent an e-mail to Verizon from several different directions (direct e-mail, web forms, planet feedback). I hope everything works out for everyone who has been screwed by the company, and I will post any response I receive.

George Vaccaro said...

@tony and nick

Thanks for spreading the word and following up.

nick, amazing post at planetfeedback. wow, comprehensive. I wonder what type of response it will get.

Lord Nazh said...

Hey George,

Listened to your recording at Glumbert. You have an infinite amount more patience than I do, the call would have ended much earlier with me and some feelings would likely have been hurt :)

I've link your blog and recording and will be checking my wife's verizon bill closely.

Good luck on whatever else you do.

George Vaccaro said...

@Lord Nazh

Thanks for the comment!


Lord Nazh said...

btw, I put your wallpapers here

if it asks for a pw/login just cancel

(only ads are the godaddy at top)

Ross Pruden said...

I've wondered whether this was a good investment of my time, but I finally decided Verizon needed a refresher in basic math... hopefully the world will be a little better place now.

If anyone at Verizon reads my PDF—Verizon: Do The Math!—they will no longer be confused about quoting cents and dollars.

Good luck, everyone!

Dojima said...
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George Vaccaro said...

@Ross Pruden

Very nice Ross. I tried to get to this yesterday but was having some problems.

Thats a nice way of explaining it.


Hulio2404 said...

I just wanted to put forth my moral support again. I really think this is an intentional business practice by Verizon and I don't think they should be able to get away with this.

Verizon's damage control plan of playing stupid is unacceptable and unbelievable. How could every employee there be so stupid as to not understand what you were saying... and then they all misunderstand the situation identically? Please. Due to your persistence, the one gentleman gets tripped up and admits that the rate is .2 cents per kb. Then he quickly reverts back to saying that it is .002 cents. I am sure Verizon has spoke to him about this blunder.

If you asked every person at Verizon involved in this to calculate a long distance charge of a call 2 minutes long at 5 cents per minute, not one of them would think it was $10. This is fraud not stupidity. I'm trying to get the word out about this as much as I can. Verizon deserves it.

Ross said...

If you know how peer pressure works, it's not surprising why Verizon reps keep misquoting their prices: when two people have already agreed that something is true -- even though it is clearly false -- the percentages say that 50% of people will still agree with the faulty group. When the faulty group grows to four or more, an astonishing 93% will side with the faulty group, but only if they are asked last (after everyone in the group has answered incorrectly). Also, if anyone claims the group is wrong, those in the 93% will immediately join ranks. This is why intellectual dissidents are always the first to be executed in a fledgling dictatorship.

When four reps (or more!) have already said a customer is wrong, our brains prefer to shut down and prevent us from seeing the truth, no matter how obvious... it seems we would rather fit in with our colleagues than be right and ostracized. That's an uncomfortable truth!

Jenie said...

I commented to planetfeedback, as well, though not to be shared publically. I told them that I really hate my cell provider Sprint PCS (I do) and was thinking of changing to Verizon (I was, despite getting yanked by them in 1998), but that as long as they were incapable of solid customer service and truth in advertising, I really could not EVER change my service to them, and that it was shocking they had allowed this to drag out as long as it has. But um, more eloquently and forcefully.

Jenie said...

jeez. or publicly. i can spell. honest.

Graham said...

T-Mobile had a verizon moment and quoted me 0.015c/KB for data transfer instead of their actual $0.015/KB.

I was actually calling about something else and just thought I'd ask to see. Fortunately the higher level representative was pretty startled by the misquote and said she'd look into why it happened.

Frogodo said...

George I cannot belive that this has happened. I am so sorry that it had to happen to yourself and others. I can't speak for every CSR out there, but I know that if you had gotten my centre (unfortunaltely not Verizon, Cingular) and gotten me as the floor manager, you probably would have gotten your credit and my centre's policy would have changed. An e-mail would have gone to the floor immediately.